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Staging to Sell

Each Home Staging job is quoted individually, and is totally customized to each clients’ needs.


Selling your home can be a very personal and sometimes emotional experience. We can help you feel more comfortable and confident with this process in today’s market. Our job is to make your lovely home sell as soon as possible, for the highest price! A consultation with Home Beautiful can give you the information you need to prepare your home to sell. After walking around your property with us inside and out, you will have a choice with your new information, to complete your new to-do list:

You can choose to do all the prep work yourself to sell your home.
You can choose to have Home Beautiful do all the prep work to sell your home.
You can choose to split the tasks between you and Home Beautiful.
You can choose to work WITH Home Beautiful in the areas of painting and landscaping to enhance your space as quickly and efficiently as possible.

One advantage of Home Beautiful Staging & Design LLC is that we offer the 4th option for homeowners to work with us to complete the new to-do list of tasks to get your house on the market. This allows the homeowner to get professional guidance and tasks completed efficiently, as well as lower their staging investment. It’s smart to stage homes in today’s market because staged homes sell more quickly and there’s less of a chance you will have to leave money on the table!

2 types of Consultations:

Walk & Talk

This is a walk through of your home and property, taking approximately 2 hours. This is ideally done before you list it on the market if possible, because you want your first impression to be the best possible in person, on MLS and in any other marketing materials. We will take pictures, talk about furniture placement, signature colors, accessories, feng shui, landscaping and more. When we are finished, you will have a written description of everything you need to do to successfully sell your home!

Advanced Staging Consultation

This consultation is very detailed, specific, and consists of Home Beautiful walking through your home and property taking approximately 2 hours. This is ideally done before you list it on the market if possible, because you want your first impression to be the best possible in person, on MLS, and in any other marketing materials. We will take pictures, talk about furniture placement, signature colors, accessories, feng shui, landscaping and more. After several days, you will be presented with a full color gallery of pictures, a written description of all the tasks needed to stage your home, as well as industry statistics in a decorative portfolio for you to get started.


Here’s where the magic happens in only 4 hours! The first short meeting will be to quickly walk through your home before we schedule your date. At that time we make out a short list of things that will be required of you to complete before Home Beautiful arrives for your scheduled date. Your 4 Hour Frenzy will usually include 1 – 2 stagers to complete your staging job in an efficient and professional manner. Staging your home this way makes it so easy on you, the homeowner! Let us do the work for you by getting it done quickly in one day! (note: if painting and landscaping services are required, they will be scheduled and quoted separately for a another time outside of the 4 Hour Frenzy). Home Beautiful Staging & Design is ready to schedule your appointment for this fun and efficient way of staging! We are excited to help you get what you really want - and that is to sell your home quickly for the highest price!

Re-Design for Living

Your home is usually your single biggest investment, your most time consuming project, and your most prized material possession….is it not? It’s not only natural, but necessary that you feel at home in this valuable “space” called your HOME. We can help you love your home even more, whether you’ve just purchased a new home, or you’ve been there for years. You may just feel you need updating, or recently had changes in your family “space needs” with children moving out or back to the nest. Whatever the reason, if your home doesn’t fit your family any longer (but you want to stay), Re –Designing your home for your current “life needs” is a must to stay happy in your home.

A good time to Re-Design is when you first move into a new home, there is a time of transition when you are making your new space fit your life. It’s such a pleasure when you finally achieve your goal, and make your new home your OWN! During this period of time it is important to infuse your tastes into your new space…..why not let us help get to that place efficiently and professionally? Sometimes the transition is simple and can be completed with paint. Other times it can be more complicated and that’s when Home Beautiful can help by recommending skilled local tradesmen for your needs. The same options for consultations are available as with staging, (Walk Through, Advanced Re-Design Consultation) and each project is evaluated no matter how big or small. You can do one room or your whole home and property! Let’s get started…why wait to make you home finally fit your life!


Office space is a unique atmosphere, and needs to be evaluated for the type of business, the number of employees, and the type of clients the business attracts. Please contact Home Beautiful Staging & Design for all the same above services available for the world of Business.


Who doesn’t have some place in their home or office that needs organizing? We will come in to do one closet in your daughter’s bedroom, or the whole home or office! Your life works better and is more efficient when you have things organized, whether you are a CEO of a business or a CEO of your household. Clutter, messes, piles, crammed in furniture, unorganized cabinets and closets all can waste your time and cost money if your life is not arranged properly. Staged homes and Re-Designed spaces all work better in your life when done to maintain easily after being organized.
Call today for a quote of whatever it is that you don’t want to do…..attic, basement, closets, laundry room, under Jr’s bed……..where is your spot?

Color Consultation

When you walk through your home does it seem to lack a cohesive flow? Are there rooms that you feel uncomfortable in? Did you move your family into a home, trying to make all your furniture and belongings fit into someone else’s color scheme? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then having Home Beautiful come in to do a Color Consultation is a helpful service for you. Colors are so important to the flow of a home, moods, and how we value our spaces. We can help you come up with your signature color to help the cohesion of whatever your “space” need is. We can even set up shopping consultations with you after we assess your needs….take your own personal color consultation to your favorite stores! Color is all around us….is your color scheme what you really want? Let us help you color your world!


Painting can change EVERYTHING! Painting is an easy fix to so many decorating problems, but not many people like to do it. Home Beautiful Staging & Design LLC has been changing the world one room at a time….sometimes with the help of homeowners! We work professionally and quickly to transform your rooms to exactly what you want, taking extra care to protect your carpet, furniture and belongings. For many years we have been painting in homes and clients have been very pleased with our meticulous practices to complete their rooms. Preparation is the most important step, as well as using a good quality of paint. We use Sherwin Williams paints whenever possible to ensure a favorable outcome for our clients. Home Beautiful can complete your painting job from start to finish, and even help you pick the colors!

A few years ago we were approached by clients who considered themselves pretty good painters, but weren’t so confident in their edging abilities. They asked us if they could paint with us, and we said yes. This type of service is not for everyone, and is not available with any other painter we know, but it is helpful for the do-it-yourself client who just needs a little confidence. The results? --Work with a pro and get the job done usually quicker and better than they could do themselves. Quite often we end up doing multiple rooms after starting the initial project…and we have fun painting together!


Curb appeal is the very first thing people see when they look online, drive by, or walk up to a house for sale. You only have one chance to make the best first impression possible! Landscaping is your best ally to create a warm & inviting atmosphere for people to want to enter your property. Home Beautiful has many years of experience in redoing existing landscaping of homes and offices to make them more appealing and easier to maintain. We have also created new plans for entirely new garden beds using seasonally blooming perennials, bulbs, and annuals. Master Gardener training has been an asset for Cat. She teaches as she talks with clients about their gardens and explains why she is suggesting changes.

This is another area where Home Beautiful can take care of your landscaping needs, from start to finish….OR….you also have an opportunity to work with Home Beautiful on your landscaping project. A trip to a local nursery for plants, bushes and trees is always a possibility too. Working with a professional landscaper helps the job go quicker and reduces your landscaping investment while staying on budget!

Holiday Decorating

Everyone loves the Holidays! Whether you are selling your house during the holidays, or anticipating company in your home, holiday decorations are a must! Home Beautiful can help by decorating your home for any holiday for you! We can use your existing decorations in the most tasteful ways, or shop for new ones with your budget in mind. Time is valuable around the holidays, and we can help take the stress out of at least one thing on your holiday to do list.

If your home is up for sale during the holiday season, it’s hard to know which decorations to put up for the holiday season and still maintain a staged home. We can help. Call as soon as possible to schedule Home Beautiful to come to your home to serve your holiday needs, so you can really enjoy the holidays and your family.

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